Greetings from Florida. State Archives of Florida,   Florida Memory  ,

Greetings from Florida. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,


Exploring Florida in Flux

Watershed is a monthly podcast exploring Florida’s changing landscape. We feature character-driven, sound-rich stories from across the Sunshine State about how we shape Florida’s environment and the environment shapes us. 

  • Watershed brings you stories about the Floridian and the Floridian environment. We connect Florida’s residents to the ecology around them, delving into human cause and environmental effect.
  • We report on the culture imprinted on Florida’s diverse ecosystems. Our stories run the gamut: Tag along with a panther biologist. Learn about challenges facing our fishing communities. Connect with the politicians shaping environmental policy. Meet a mermaid. 
  • This is not a doomsday podcast. We shed light on the critical environmental issues facing our state, but also herald the forward-thinkers and problem-solvers dedicated to a healthier, more sustainable Florida future. 
  • We believe in equal access to clean water, clean air and healthy food. Our stories advocate these human and non-human rights. 

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