Episode 12: Celebrating Stetson Kennedy

Celebrated social justice activist and Jacksonville native Stetson Kennedy would have celebrated his 100th birthday this October. Kennedy is well known for his work documenting Florida folklife with the Works Progress Administration, infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan, and his prolific publications. We're tipping our hats to Kennedy and bringing you a short audio postcard from Lake Beluthahatchee, Kennedy’s homesite.

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Episode 11: The Mysteries of FP

FP is a big question mark for marine researchers. It's a herpesvirus that primarily effects the endangered green sea turtle, manifesting in debilitating cauliflower-looking tumors. It was first documented in 1938 in the Florida keys, but in the nearly 80 years since, there’s a disturbing amount still unknown about FP, like what cocktail of factors is causing it and why it’s spreading so quickly. Where most FP cases were once observed off Florida’s coasts, there have now been reports in all major oceans.

Today, we visit two places working to save sea turtles from FP and rehab dwindling populations.

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