Consider the Oyster—and the Oysterman

Welcome to Episode 2! This week: "Consider the Oyster—and the Oysterman." You can listen here, on the homepage, or head on over to our Episodes page for more info.

Oysters are the foundation of culture and economy in Apalachicola, a small, Franklin County fishing town in Florida’s panhandle. In many ways, the oyster is Apalachicola’s culinary mascot. But the bay, so famous for its eponymous oyster, is in serious trouble.

2.6 million pounds of oysters came from the Apalachicola Bay in 2009, but that number plummeted to 470,000 pounds in 2013. Yields this year aren't looking any better, and Franklin County residents are grappling with what to do.

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I love it. It’s what I’ve always done, it’s what my parent’s have always done. I have the Gulf of Mexico right at my front door. I have the Apalachicola River at my back door, and the forest in my yard. So why would I want to leave?
— -Ricky Banks, Apalachicola oysterman and vice president of the Franklin County Seafood Workers' Association.