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Watershed is live, people. Welcome! Watershed is a brand new, bi-weekly podcast about the intersecting cultures and environments of Florida. Every other week we feature a story about Florida in flux. Learn more about us on the About page.

Our inaugural episode brings us to Homosassa Springs, where activists and policy makers from across the state have gathered in support of Florida's wild lands and waters. Among them is former Florida Governor and United States Senator Bob Graham, who hopes to shake up the crowd and garner votes for Amendment 1 on Florida's November 4th ballot. 

In 2011, the Florida legislature slashed statewide funding for conservation. Amendment 1 is a cry for restored funding, and if passed by voters, would authorize much-needed conservation programs to protect and maintain sensitive Florida lands—like Homosassa Springs.

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[Conservation is] the key to protecting the natural systems of Florida which, in turn, are what we live on, both individually and economically. It’s the very beauty of Florida. It’s fresh and abundant water. It’s beautiful coast line that causes people to want to come here; [they] create jobs and offer economic opportunity for our people.
— Former Florida Governor and United States Senator Bob Graham